Are these sticks made of wood?

 No, definitely not. Beneath the retro paint job and decals these sticks are state of the art 100% Toray carbon Fiber. 

Are these Pro Stock?

Yes and No.

By definition, a pro-stock stick is built to the exact specifications of a professional player. Some of these specifications include in-between flexes, different blade shapes, and curve alterations. 

Baron Hockey custom makes your sticks from a wide selection of stock options and does so from 100% Toray Carbon Fiber, just like pro stock. Excluding colour, our flagship senior model, the Conway, is available in over 400 different combinations.

Are they really as good as the $300 sticks?

Yes. We spent a great deal of time in development and testing to ensure that our sticks are every bit as good as the $300 stick available at your local sporting goods store. 

How are your sticks so Cheap?

We have cut out the entire retail supply chain. By not having a bricks and mortar location we eliminate rent, utilities, and inventory costs which make up a large portion of the price of a stick. We also do not endorse professional athletes. All of the savings are passed on to our customers.

As an example, if a retail store were to keep just 5 pieces in inventory of one model of the 400 available options that would be over $500,000 in inventory. Multiply that by several brands and models and you can see why typical sport stores carry only a couple flex and curve options and why they are so expensive.

What's the Catch?

The only concession you make as a Baron customer is in delivery time. If you need a stick for your game the next night, then Baron is not for you. If you are able to plan ahead and allow 3-4 weeks for delivery then you are able to take advantage of a completely custom built hockey stick at a fraction of it's retail comparables.

Can I pick the colour of my Baron stick?

Yes and No.

We offer additional customization options, such as colour for team and company orders of 12 sticks or more. Contact for more information.

For individual orders, we're working hard to make that a possibility and within the next year you should be able to pick from 8 colours in every model. 

A lot of brands have lower quality models in their lines, do you?

Nope. Every Baron and Baroness hockey stick is made from the highest quality materials by expert craftsmen with decades of experience. If you see a stick that retails for $79.99, it probably wholesales for $29.99 and cost roughly $15.00 to have that product moved from factory to warehouse to retail. That means the cost to manufacture the stick was about $15.00 and at that price point it is not possible to have quality materials and workmanship.

What's with the design?

There's two reasons behind the design. The first, in an age when everyone is using shiny foil and aerospace inspired fonts, we wanted to design something that was simple and classic. The result is a hockey stick that looks unlike anything on the market today.

The second reason behind our retro inspired hockey stick, is to pay homage to a time when hockey sticks didn't cost an arm and a leg. 

Do you offer Team Programs?

Absolutely. As hockey players we understand the significant cost of ice time and equipment. By outfitting a team in Baron Hockey sticks, we can offer a team discount that will save each player money. We can even make the stick in your team colours. Also, parents playing recreational hockey can 'piggy-back' on their kids order, with every stick being made to the exact specs of the player requesting it. 

For more information on team programs please email